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God is Love – Adam Banfill


Hello and God bless! It’s good to hear from you. Here is my contribution; I have been working on it for a few days. The translated scripture is my own work, so you don’t have to worry about copyright issues. I was excited to hear about the new ministry and you have prayer support from me. Thank you for giving me a voice.

God is Love

“God is love”, John reports in 1 Jn 4.8. This passage is often quoted… and glibly quoted. What is the precise meaning of this scripture, and how should it affect our understanding of who God is? Does it help to explain who we are as Christians?

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The Example of Jesus – George K. Walker


Dear Readers,

It is 5:45 am on Friday morning and I am reading John chapters 7 & 8. I love reading about Jesus because He is the ground that I walk on. I can do nothing without Him and to read more and more about His life this is my instructions on how to live. In these two chapters Jesus makes it clear that this is not His doctrine but His Father that sent Him John 7:16. We are to do the same thing. We are to have the mind of Christ for this is pleasing to our Father. In the world today everything you see or hear is about the right now and what I can get for me right now. Jesus did nothing of Himself. I am seeking His face daily but I am not there yet but I know, trust & believe that the work that God started in me He will finish.

John 8:1-11 Jesus demonstrates how we are to forgive. We were once sinners but by the Grace of God and the Blood of Jesus we were forgiven. So who are we not to forgive anyone? If God can sacrifice His only son so that we can be reconciled to Him, then who am I to not forgive anyone for anything they have done to me. He gave it all for us so that we can live. We can never repay Him and He does not ask us too. He just wants us to Love Him and put nothing before Him. Be an example of His love for all. I thank God everyday for His Love and His Spirit to guide me and I obey Him.

Never Forget the Resurrection,
Your friend in Jesus
George Walker
New Life Church

Happy Resurrection Day – George K. Walker


April 20, 2014
Sunday 7:30am


Dear Reader,

I thank God for Voices for Christ. I thank the people who through submission to God are allowing themselves to be used by God for His purpose. This is an outlet for me and many other people that is greatly needed. The word that He gives me I have to share.

This morning I read Romans 6:10-11 “For in that he died, he died unto sin once: but in that he liveth, he liveth unto God. Likewise reckon ye yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord”. After reading I always pray and listen to God. I know that if I shut up and listen He will give me instructions. This morning He told me that Jesus died one time for my sins and in that death He now liveth unto God. Then He told me that I am also dead to sin but alive unto God through Jesus Christ. I thank you father for today, I thank you everyday Jesus for your death, burial and resurrection for in that you have given me eternal life. There is no sweeter name than the name of Jesus and I will bless the Lord at all times-Amen!

Thank you-Jesus
George K. Walker
New Life Church

Signs of Victory – Archie Porter


MATT. 28:1-2

Early one Sunday morning two women went to visit the tomb of JESUS. There was an earthquake! For an angel of the LORD came down from heaven, rolled away the stone and sat on it.

Why did the angel sit on top of the stone? It was a sign of victory, a sign of TRIUMPH! He sat atop that which was designed to keep CHRIST in the grave. For those who came looking for JESUS he was a witness for CHRIST and gave instructions. For those who opposed our LORD JESUS he paralyzed with fear.

What is a stone? A stone is simply a big piece of earth. Sometimes big pieces of this world can get in our way and make you feel trapped, “in a tomb” even. Fear not, for JESUS tells us in JOHN 16:33 – “BE OF GOOD CHEER, FOR I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD…” (and any big pieces of it that may fall in your way.)

We are VICTORIOUS!! If you win the Super Bowl they give you a ring, if you win the “MASTERS” they give you a prestigious GREEN JACKET. For those who go above and beyond the call of duty they give out “MEDALS OF HONOR.” All are SIGNS OF VICTORY. For every stone you roll out of your path in the name of JESUS, he places an angel on top as a sign of your victory over that obstacle.

Notice the angel didn’t destroy the stone, therefore some of us may see the same stone more than once. So I say to you, place your focus not on the stone, but on the angel that sits atop the stone, it’ll give you the absolute assurance to know that you’ve already defeated this obstacle and can do it again.

Like the minor league bowler who has a showcase filled with trophies with little men on top, I challenge you to start your own showcase of “stones with angels on top” to remind yourself of all the victories you’ve accomplished thru FAITH in our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST!

by Archie Porter

My Testimony (part 2) – Kevin Hall


My Testimony (part 2)


My life has not been what it seems to be today. I was adopted at 7 months of age, according to one record. From age 1-3 it was a “normal” childhood. From what my adopted parents knew. However, I was kidnapped at the age of 3 while I was at a babysitter’s house. It ended when I was 4 years old. As my adopted parents moved I wished that was it. NOTE: my adopted parents (dad = congregational-church of Christ) (mom = Methodist). From age of 4 – 6 year old I was raped, tortured, and molested. When I told my adopted parents, all that they did was to bring it to his parent’s attention. They did nothing more. My victimizer’s father divorced his mother because she refused to listen to and/or do anything about it. The victimizer by this time, I found out, already had 4 counts of CSC in the 1st degree, 1 count in the 2nd degree, 1 count of CSC in the 3rd degree, and 1 count in the 4th degree – CSC is short for Criminal Sexual Misconduct – all on children. There is yet more…from the ages of 5-8 years of age I was molested by a neighbored teen across the street. 9-12 by other teens on other streets. When I was in the juvenile system I was molested by other teenage boys. There is also the fact that I was teased, putdown, humiliated, etc. by boys, girls and teens around me growing up.

It was back in 2006-2007 that Jesus began to pour out in my life. It took until 2010-2011 that I really experienced and noticed God in my life. Miracles, healings, deliverances, redemption, and cleansings happened to me in my spiritual, psychological, and physical life and being. I began to mature in Christ Jesus my Lord. Today I am steady, secured, motivated in, with, through God, and Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit / Holy Ghost now lives in and with me.

Today, GOD – through the Holy Spirit – has shown me that the devil and the flesh tried to bring up past behaviors and attitudes. Of which always used to get me into a lot of trouble. Today and now I rebuke, in Jesus’ name, the flesh and spirits of falsehood, anger, hatred, false revenge, dislike of those in authority due to preserved abuses. I plunge them beneath the precious blood of Christ in that they no longer exist. That these things will trouble me no more. That I am refreshed and made anew.

Kevin Hall

Testimony – Quincy Jones



I’m writing this letter to praise the name of Jesus. Seventeen years ago, when I broke up with the mother of my child, I was a wreck. Mad at the world, and didn’t trust anyone, I thought that I had the answer to life I would just work and be happy, I found that I was just a fool! She was the first woman in my life that ever even thought enough to love me so much as to want to save my soul. In the end I hurt her. Well to this day I haven’t forgiven myself for being so selfish, and self-centered, but I found that GOD has forgiven me.

Don’t misunderstand me – I’ve wished and prayed that I could change this fact that I hurt the person I loved the most, but that was not possible at that time. I did what I did, and she had a right to feel the way she did. So I haven’t heard from my daughter, or even talked to her mother in 17 years. I thought it was best that I didn’t hurt anyone like that again, only to be hurt the same way that I hurt her by other people in the past 17 years. Then I found Jesus, and I prayed, and have being praying to Jesus for my daughter’s safety & protection from the world, but I really miss her every single day of my life.

This week my prayers were answered when her mother found me in prison, and requested to be put on a list to visit. It’s so true, GOD can do far more than you can think, or even dream. Today I live my life in Jesus, and am happy to know that Jesus never stopped loving me. So I lift the name of Jesus for answering my prayers, and for being who He is, my Lord. I look forward to one day seeing my daughter again, and I praise his Holy name for all He has done for me. I know now that I can’t do anything without him!

by Quincy Jones

The (Reign) of God – Dont’e Smith


The (Reign) of God

by Dont’e Smith


God showers the light of love down upon us;

while the hatred evaporates,

we feel the condensation of the Joy

that plays with our emotions as if it was a toy.

Exposing within us the characteristics of a little play;

rash, but sophisticated as soy.

When the cloud of the Lord shadows us –

souls deploy!

For the battle lies within,

but the soul it can not destroy.

The grace of God endures forever;

for, it lay dormant within,

but used as a decoy.

Oppressed by the clown in the red suit –

The act of self will leaves you destitute,

but in the flesh like an envoy.


OK! Good glory be to God;

For repulsion of sin,

unable to enjoy.

The kiss of death to self so sweet;

for the word of God echoes,

and touches so deep.

Ignites fire so discreet;

for all darkness shall fall at his feet,

and in the end peacefully we shall sleep.

When temptation starts to annoy –

remember the livelihood; for,

it is God’s decree that causes demonic spirits to flee,

and the devil to make his final plea.

Pray, praise, and worship his mighty name;

for his words shall give wisdom, healing, and mere sight,

but those who ignore are stuck in plight.

In heaven forever with Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior,

as one we shall be.

From above;

with eye’s of God,

we shall see everything above and beneath the sea.

Everything reachable,

and unreachable that linger about.

To his life’s sentence we shall plea;

for, forever, and ever God will reign.

Lost in the Fog – Dont’e Smith


Lost in the Fog

by Dont’e Smith


I’m lost in the fog hidden away from people and forgotten by time, seeking wisdom;

which is hidden from the eyes of all the living.

“I felt the weight on the wind” –

never to return!

I chose my way,

on a mission without the vision counting my steps,

as my heart walked after my eyes.

In the works of darkness?

The days of affliction took hold,

and the darkness of my soul was poured out.

Lost in the fog –

In a deep sleep.

Quiet screams of unspoken pain I hear deep within.

Psychological warfare!

I’m imprisoned in the metal chains of bondage,

defiled with blood.

Tempted for forty days!

What did destruction and death say?

I asked myself looking the serpent dead in the eyes.

Lost in the fog –

In a dark place of the earth,

like the dead of long ago.

I will not believe –

unless I see the stars fall from the sky;

for my days are dark and cold,

and spent without hope.

Lost in the fog –

my life hangs like a rope;

for behind the fog –

plotted evil against me,

strike blows that hurt.

I’m lost in the fog;

where to turn?

I do not know;

for my old haunts of cruelty has captured me,

and enslaved me.

For the light of the world!

I searched high and low;

Over my feet,

I only felt that dirt blow.

In the midst of the fog I reached out and cried for help;


Nobody was sure to show;

for I’m lost in the fog,

and all members are like shadows.

Until the shadows flee away –

in this darkness I will dwell.

Oh Lord, hear my supplications,

uphold my path,

that my life may not slip.

I’m lost in the fog;

in whom shall I trust?

The pangs of death surround me,

oh Lord, my heart has grown cold.

My way is dark and slippery,

so to you oh Lord,

I plead my cause;

whom I have but you?

My bones are burned;

for my days are consumed like smoke,

I’m slipping and lost in the fog.

Facing the Odds – Dont’e Smith


Facing the Odds

by Don’te Smith


On the inside I’m emotionally scarred,

but on the outside life is hard;

therefore, I’m physically scarred,

am I living everyday just to survive?

I thank God everyday that I’m still alive;

Although, I’m struggling everyday,

I’m just facing the odds.

“Man this is a cold world.”

I’m still flipping pages in my Bible as the world turns.

Stranded on the road down memory lane –

from beginning to end:

How do we escape the sin?

Is life beyond time?

That’s just a partial answer all over again.

Life explained by the multitudes,

while my heart aches;

the ink leaks from my broken pen.

Tragedy is more than a mere puzzle, born poor?

Eccentric to my overall mentality,

grave misfortune, and vanity.

Fighting off the demons within trying to keep my sanity –

Death before dishonor –

family over everything to the death of me.

I’m walking through the darkness:

nightmares to that prison cell still haunting me.

I used to smile;

but the struggle twisted it,

now I frown picking up the broken pieces of my heart off the ground.

Asking God!

“What’s the value of a friend when injustice seems to prevail?

That’s just the art and fear in living under the sun –

Be patient;

there’s a time for everything,

but my back against the wall?

I’m just facing the odds –

caught in a snare,

snared in an evil time.

Many times I found myself facing the odds:

all alone Asking God,

“What’s the value of my Diligence?”

Staring down the barrel of a loaded gun.

“What’s the value of my practical wisdom?”

When the Day of my death will be better than my birth.

Scenes of better days flash across the dark sky on a troubled night,

but I made a vow to God;

Therefore, I got a price to pay.

Who can tell what will happen after me under the sun?

Lord! Forgive us, for we know not what to do.

“(R.I.P)” to all my comrades and soldiers lost in the battlefield.

Lord! Be my shield –

I feel forgotten as the love turns to hate.

Is this the description of life’s regularities?

I’m counting my blessings –

knuckles bleeding as I pound my fist.

Neglected by the family –

closest to my enemies.

I’m still trying to find my way through that narrow gate,

but only God can determine fate.

Until then it’s a constant struggle with these worldly ways;

For I’m facing the odds to my dying day,

taking with me my silence to the grave.

Throughout time we will forever be facing the odds.

Valley of Tears – Evans Karson


“Valley of Tears”


In this valley of Tears…I dwell

for it is now my private hell.

There is no real remedy for this pain & sorrow.

I just have to keep fighting for Tomorrow.

Only Hope & Faith can follow…


so my soul is no longer hollow


by Evans Karson