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The Future – Gerald Fletcher


The Future

I have trouble feeling good sometimes in this environment so I think about the future plans I have. This is pretty much a daily thing for me. I was thinking about how some Christians in here show a very good attitude of happiness. The thought came to my mind of, “Why not think of being in heaven with Jesus.” That’s a future that all Christians can feel good about. That was a great thought. Planning for the future with Jesus and what it might be like will certainly make you happy. It should be uplifting for anyone who is saved. It will happen one day and that’s great to know.

Are you in an environment that you wish you were not in at this time? Do you try to think about future plans to help you feel better? Remember if you are saved you can always think about how awesome it’s going to be spending eternity in heaven with Jesus. Try it! It helps me.

Paul had a very good attitude considering everything he had to go through while serving Christ. He said, “For I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am” (Phil. 4:11). I’ll be glad when I can get to that stage. I’m still learning but in the meantime I still like to think about the future and being free to do great things for my Lord, and one day being in heaven with Him.

Remember, facing impossibility gives us the opportunity to trust God.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help us to see beyond the moments of troubled times in our lives. Forgive us for our short-sightedness and teach us to see You in every circumstance. Amen.

In His Love and service, Brother Jerry Fletcher

Vying Bunkies – Kenneth Fraizer


“Vying Bunkies!”

(Mt 13:38-39)

God is creator/warden of the yard,
I used serpent for prisoners as a mass;
By the woman, I create all my flunkies.

I am way, truth & life, for a reward,
No one sees the warden, for their task;
Except by me, to meet the holy homies.

It was my way, to test Job as a ward,
To kill & destroy his family as a class;
The same as I entice & hook the junkies.

I did not come with peace, but a sword,
If Satan drives out Satan, you will clash;
Making it easy to defeat all your cronies.

As master of earth, I give instant reward,
I lure them with pleasure, with the cash;
I made you an offer on top of munchies.

(Mt 10:28)

The warden has faith in me, as the Lord,
To save souls, with light that he flash;
Like tenths he expects from all monies.

You keep the wards extremely real bored,
When my task is to help them harass;
With no respect & naming them monkeys.

I solely offer to each a higher award,
Such as eternal life, before breathing last;
With fellowship with the holy homies.

The warden sent you preaching the word,
Causing many to be arrogant with sass;
To point of some calling some donkeys.

Now the warden has a parole board,
With a chain of command for His brass;
As we play chess, as inner “Vying Bunkies!

(Rev 6:9-11)

Kenneth “Al” Frazier

I Am – Archie Porter



Scripture reading: John 13:15 & 1 John 4:17

Last week in church I heard something very interesting. One of our volunteers quoted something from a book he was reading, (sorry, I can’t remember the author) he said, “Jesus didn’t come to be an example for us.”

It didn’t sit right with me at first because I know the scripture tells me in John 13:15 that Jesus says, “For I have given you an example that you should do as I have done to you.” But what the speaker said next really opened my eyes.

He said, “Jesus did not come to be an example FOR us, but rather OF us.”


Here’s what he’s saying, “Stop trying to allow Jesus to live His life WITH you, and let Him live AS you.”

I began to further examine the scripture and I looked up the word “example” as used in John 13:15. The Greek definition for the word example is “specimen”. If a doctor takes a specimen from me, whether it be tissue, blood or saliva, what he has is a small example of what I’m made of for him to study. Everything I AM is in that specimen. Everything you find in Jesus can be found in us!!!

Jesus was our example. Not separate from us to try and imitate but one in the same to show us who we are in Him. What we can be if we die to self and allow Him to live His life not through ours but instead of ours. Stop trying to put God in your life and instead put your life in God. Not just the parts you don’t like, but all of it!

1 John 4:17 say “…because as He is so are we in this world.” Not later on when we die and go to heaven, but the Bible says, in this world, right now, we are as He is. Love conforms us to His image. My God lives in me and we are one. The religious groups wanted to kill Jesus because He said, “He and the Father were One.” He was not afraid to stand on what He knew to be true. Neither am I when I tell you that me and Jesus are one!

Now before you write me off and call me crazy I’ve got some good news for you. You too are One with our Lord and Savior! How great is that! I may not look like Him, but my heart, mind and spirit have all been renewed in the likeness of Jesus Christ.

After years of searching I know who I AM. I am the righteousness of God. I died six years ago and was reborn in the image of Jesus Christ. Praise God!

Stop trying to live life as a caterpillar with wings taped on, it’s easier to just die to who you are and be TRANSFORMED.

God Bless You, Archie Porter

His Loving Care – Timothy Pelfrey


Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

Another week is at an end. Let us reflect upon all the LORD has done for us. Let us remember friends and loved ones that the LORD has placed into our lives and thank Him for all the blessings that come upon us and overtake us.

Know that my prayers are with you all and I leave you with these words of encouragement and suggest that you read Psalms 103.

For friends and family I’ve shed many a tear,
For those who were but are no longer here;
No matter where they may be now scattered here or there,
I know the Father holds them all in His loving care.

Timothy Pelfrey

Suicide – Kevin Hall



Suicide is a serious issue, one that needs to be addressed more often. I know a lot about suicide. I have tried it many times and almost succeeded twice. But God sent people to undo what I did to try suicide. Especially this one time; I’m not going to describe what I did but the professionals and others I have told it to all say the same thing–I should’ve died that day. There’s no way that I didn’t except because of Christ Jesus our Lord. As far as suicidal thoughts go, until a year ago, I hadn’t had any since I was 30 years old. God has set me free from suicidal thoughts and from depression. The flesh is weak though. I slowly grew and matured. It took me at least 10+ years to realize the following:

1. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

2. God doesn’t make waste. Even though I attempted suicide in different ways, God never allowed me to succeed. I thank God today for that! It wasn’t instant – He continually sent people my way. I slowly realized that I would be hurting more than myself. I would be hurting my true friends, family and others that, at the time, I thought never cared about me. The last time I thought about suicide I prayed to God, sought out counsel, remembered those that I would be hurting and realized that no matter what I was feeling, thinking and/or going through that it was only temporary and that God would bring me through, and it left me. I haven’t felt nor thought it since. Even if you think there is no one that cares about you, remember that Jesus Christ does. He willingly gave His life for you. The word of God says, “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” (John 15:14) So, God considers you a friend and more.

You might ask: What about what I am feeling? What about what I am going through?

Let me give you these three things. First, suicide is also known as self-murder (which is accurately true). Second, with all the abuses that I have suffered it would have been easy for me to let go; however I wasn’t going to let the victimizers win. Going through these things taught me I can and will endure many things but God will see me through; when I think it is impossible then God is actually carrying me. Third, enduring until you see the light makes you stronger and makes those things that you go through, eventually, weaker or non-existent.

Thinking that ending your life is the only solution, that no one cares about you, that you have no other choice– let me tell you these negative, evil things are nothing more than deceptions and lies! It may seem like there is no other way, like this is the end, that you have no other hope…yet those are lies of the flesh and of Satan. Suicide is not the solution. I have been through all types of abuses, abandonment and much more! Add in prison, jails, committing crimes, hurting and causing pain to others, being involved with gangs, foster homes and more. In all this I realized that no matter what I am going through, eventually it will pass. God has shown me that life is too short and too precious as it is. Life to God is sacred and holy. It is a gift regardless what you’re currently facing. The truth is there are people that care about you and you have other choices. Sometimes you have to forget stereotypes and get help even if it comes from mental health professionals. They will help you. They may give you medications, or a support group to attend, or set you up with appointments. Your life will slowly get better. Deal with the issues and feelings you have one at a time. When it becomes easier to deal with one then move on to the next. You will eventually see a positive change in your life. Even in prison, in my daily life, I use these things for myself and to help others. There are scriptures also you can read such as:

Psalm 23:1, 4; 27:10; 34:4; 40:1-2; 43:5; 61:1-3; 121:1-2; 143:7-11
2 Corinthians 4:8, 16
Philippians 4:6-7
Hebrews 13:5
1 Peter 5:7
Romans 8:38-39

Believe me that there is a lot more to life than the problems, difficulties and issues you are dealing with and facing. God will bring you through if you but believe.

Dear heavenly Father, I am low, depressed and feeling like there is no other choice for me than suicide. Please, in Jesus’ name, take these thoughts, bind them up and cast them out of me. Bring godly, loving, caring people around me and lead me in the way that I am to go. Please help me to see this through. You are Lord God. Continue to help me to see as you do – the end from the beginning and to take one day at a time. Lord, help me to appreciate the little things in life and may they make a big difference in my life so that I will be able to help others. I believe that your son Jesus died on the cross for my sins, rose again the third day and ascended into heaven. Jesus, be the strength where I am weak. Be for me that which keeps me alive and Lord, help me to appreciate life. In your powerful name, by your will and authority…Amen and Amen.

Your brother in Christ,
Kevin Waite Hall

Do Not Worry – Timothy Pelfrey


Do Not Worry

Do not worry be not afraid,
For your debt I’ve already paid;
I have come freely to pay the bill,
To free your soul and completely fill.

Love in Christ Jesus,
Tim Pelfrey

My Brother’s Keeper – Kenneth Frazier


My Brother’s Keeper

(Genesis 4:8, 9)


America’s offspring is going astray,

Feeding the grave, or are prison bound;

For mental poison to escape a teacher.

Wrapped in a spell for cash & vice today,

Running fast, like a dashing grey hound;

In rush for death, or to the prison reaper.

It’s a breath of life challenge for pay,

To gain the coolest gadgets to be found;

As the hippest game or cell phone beeper.

Young males and females wishing to play,

The devil divide coke or weed by the pound;

To buy each young soul cheaper & cheaper.

Jesus is vying with a much stranger sway,

With temptation a lure in hip hop sound;

Like the devil’s music can’t get any deeper!

(Job 4:8, 9)


America’s offspring is going astray,

Feeding the grave or are prison bound;

For mental poison to escape a teacher.

Then rap lyrics appears to steal the day,

To spin in their mind round and round;

Until the youth becomes a jeeper creeper.

It’s reflected in our radical prison display,

And the ages going beneath the grave mound;

For more and more mothers to be the weeper.

The Bible has already had its pious say,

About the devil always roaming around;

To snatch a young soul from the preacher.

President Elect doesn’t say: “Let’s pray,”

He institutes his own national saving ground;

To admit to being: “My Brother’s Keeper!”

(1 John 3:12, 13)


by K. Al Frazier

Mending Something Broken – Evans Karson


Mending Something Broken

As a child I would take apart and unintentionally destroy my most beloved toys. I always somehow failed to put them back together as they were. I tried and tried with shear determination and desperation to mend them but to no avail. Today as a man I pray to mend something else that is broken. My heart, my spirit, my life and my family. Lord in heaven please help me in my efforts as a Christian man to finally mend what I have broken!

by Evans Karson

Macomb Correctional Facility

Dear Friend – Deshon Stokes


Dear Friend

Dear Friend,
Thank you for showing me the strength that I possess,
Thank you for staying by my side and not abandoning me like the rest.

Dear Friend,
I thank you for being able to see my reflection,
when I was unable to look in the mirror and see myself.
I thank you for walking with me on this journey that I’ve set out on,
to find purpose in the existence of self.

Dear Friend,
I thank you for giving me the chance,
to make right what I have done wrong.
I thank you for showing me how to love,
and just for simply not leaving me alone.

Dear Friend,
I thank you for giving me moments,
of joy and laughter that no one else can ever steal.
I thank you for being the keeper of my soul and the captor of my heart,
and for taking the scales away from my eyes and allowing me to see what is real.

My Friend,
I thank you for having you as my friend.
I thank you for being there from the beginning to the end.
I thank you for your mercy, forgiveness, compassion,
and most of all your understanding.

My Friend,
I thank you for it is because of you that I am still standing!

by Brother Stokes

Jesus is our Redeemer – Robert Perron


“Jesus is our Redeemer”


Jesus is our Redeemer,

and paid the price for all sin.

He bought us back from judgment,

and cleanses us from within.

Each day when we wake up,

we reach out to our Lord.

We ask Him for guidance,

and comfort from His sword.

His Spirit comforts us,

and showers us with grace.

He fills us with His strength,

to help us finish the race.


SDG (Soli Deo Gloria)