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Washed – Tracy Leigh



Living water in a bottomless cup
cleansing tears unbound yesterdays
oh taste and see His mercy and grace
extinguished unquenchable thirsts
today’s hope in a world out of place
joyous abundance when the healing comes
God’s the healing man, oh yes HE CAN!

by Tracy Leigh

My Testimony – William Conner


Well, my life was a blessed mess. I grew up in a wonderful home, with two great parents. Rev. Robert B. Conner and Ms. Arwanda Conner. They gave me the best they had to give, not physically, but spiritually and mentally. All the utensils that I would need to survive and be a productive member of society they bestowed within me.

I was a 4.0 student from junior high school on up basically; ranked within the top three of my class. Life is inevitable, and it happened to me. Having two sets of friends and loving them equally, I gave in to the flesh and became who I wasn’t. By the time I was 16, I was headed to prison, and it was downhill from that day forward. Over the next 17 years, I have been in prison more than society. God has never let me fail, I just chose to fail. Knowing all that about the love of God and His urge to supply all of my needs, I constantly took life into my own hands, and became a product of my debased mind. Through drifting in that direction, life became real cold. I had beautiful children in the midst of my vacations, and that didn’t even slow me down, but gave me an excuse to hustle and trust myself more than God.

Throughout my time incarcerated, a prophet told me that I had a black cloud over my head and the devil was trying to kill me. I listened but didn’t act accordingly. Long story short, I straddled the fence and nothing happened but the same thing, loneliness, and resentment, and anger towards myself. Over the past two years, something drastic has occurred. I made a conscious decision to trust God with every aspect of my life, and do His will. I have stepped into my calling as a preacher, and the Holy Spirit has been using me to do miraculous things, from healings, to prophetic word, to intercession.

I just thank the Lord for not giving up on me. He is wonderful, and as long as we have breath to breathe, His purpose for our life is not complete. Stay encouraged, and know that the God we serve is love, and love never fails, or gives up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May the Lord keep you and bless you all!
William (Bill) Conner

Against Adversity – William Conner


“Against Adversity”
Desperate, adversity raging like a storm,
Each step I take I’m outnumbered by a swarm;

How I wish to quit, this cant’ be meant,
High Priest, a King, my time should not be spent;

Painful, troubled, afflicted, pressed on all sides,
But some question, how stern I reside;

Encouraged, by His words, they stand tall,
Angels in my corner, preventing my fall;

No matter what’s going on, I stand strong,
For this too shall pass, the devil is wrong;

Fully persuaded, that whatever I face,
It’s working for my good, covered by God’s grace.

by William Conner


My Everything – Kenneth Hopkins


Hello God bless you. I would like to take the time to say thank you for letting me be a blessing to someone else. God has blessed me with the talent to write music, rap and sing, and I would like to share something I wrote. This is called “My Everything”, this is just me telling Jesus that I realize that He is my everything.

“My Everything”

I, can’t make it without You Lord.
You know this,
through trials and tribulations
You’ll let me go through the motions,
and when I get to thinking
that all my prayers is hopeless,
that’s when You tell me
son pray harder and stay focus.
O.K. there’s my strength like Popeye’s spinach,
I know Your word is truth no games or gimmicks,
and for my sins I quickly repented,
cause I don’t want to end up
like a Cheetos bag with the flames imprinted,
hot in eternal fire I just can’t see,
ending up like that well I’m in disbelief,
I know y’all seen that show on t.v.,
I’m living proof a Hell’s Kitchen cook is not the place for me,
NOOObody can do you like Jesus can,
send chills through your body like a freezer man,
tell me why you won’t believe in Him
who walked on water, raised the dead, died then He rose again He’s…

My everything, my everything, my everything, my everything,
Lord you’re my everything, my everything, my everything, my everything,
Yes He’s my…

This is how I feel about the God we serve. Thank you for taking the time out to listen, God bless you.

When It’s Too Small to Notice – Harold Lee Wilson II


When It’s Too Small to Notice
By Harold Lee Wilson II

Take breathing. Think about it. Ponder the depths of what many of us take for granted. Expand your lungs and breathe in a perfect composition of molecules your body needs to survive. Exhale the unused and unneeded parts. Consider your body passing out the oxygen to the various parts of your body so you can talk, walk, move, blink, see, smell, and overall CONSIDER in the first place. Then, take another breath and do it all again.

How easy it is for us to overlook the same things in our lives. We pay no attention to the fact that the sun rose today to bring us warmth or that the wind blows to keep us cool. We look past the smiles of strangers, the music in the air, the laugh of a child or the tears of the broken-hearted.

Miracles, one and all. Yet, miracles that we have started to take for granted.

One of my favorite authors, Max Lucado, calls these small miracles “Godwinks”. It’s a period of our lives–maybe an extended time or but a single moment–when God looks down at you and gives you a friendly wink. To Him, it is a small token of His love for us. To us, however, it can become the life changing event that we never even knew just happened.

One of my greatest flaws is my greatest strength as well. I have an extremely active (overactive?) mind. I never stop thinking. This makes it hard to sleep, at times, but also allows me to become numb to some of the troubles that people try to bring my way. Because of my mental activity, I often fail to see when God winks at me. I find myself questioning if He is even paying me any attention, when, unknowingly, He steadied my steps where I would have slipped and broken a leg or keep the guy next door from stealing my stuff.

It’s easy to forget just how good God is. It’s easy to focus on all of the things He has NOT done for us, but fail to see just how much He is really doing. We may feel forgotten, but we are always on His mind (Isaiah 49:15). God is ready, waiting and willing to do for you whatever you need. You simply have to pay closer attention to your ABBA and ask (Matthew 7:7).

What have you failed to notice? What blessings have you received that you forgot about? Or overlooked? Or taken for granted? If you’re like me, the list is probably longer than you care to admit. When life gets busy, be sure to slow down and pay closer attention to the little things. After all, we’re one in 7 billion, but to God, we’re not too small to be noticed.

May God bless you and keep you in all you do. (He will whether you notice it or not!)

What It Means to Love – William Conner


“What It Means to Love”


How could I love before I knew love,

For I was blinded by lust in pursuit of love;

Worldy attractions, causing distractions,

No purpose just worthless, interactions;

Blind to the need to find myself,

Before I could give anything away to bless;

One day I was awakened by what seemed to be a dream,

Not understanding it was a vision given by the one who created me;

He showed me all that was done for me to be free,

A King and High Priest, most of all His Seed;

Free will was the gift, but it became a curse,

Deprived of opportunity until the great birth;

Silence of the lamb, spoke volume to my ears,

For love in motion exemplifies the true potion, that takes away all fears;


Thank you Father for love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by William Conner

Embraced by Love – William Conner


“Embraced by Love”

The gift of life, what we lose,

When we choose to abuse;

What He gave, when He gave,

To free, not to enslave;

Calvary, Sweet Calvary,

To free, not to enslave;

Calvary, Sweet Calvary,

The headstone of bravery;

The Lord, our brother in the struggle,

Surrendered all so we could overcome our trouble;

Jesus, the anointed one, God’s appointed one,

Only begotten Son, through whom victory was won;

No longer sentenced to death for our impurities,

Saved by love in motion, grafted into God’s mystic legacy.

by William Conner

After – Michael Wellman



by Michael W. Robbins-Wellman

After the winter comes spring

in all its beauty and flowers,

this is kindness.

After the spring comes summer

with all its beauty and warmth,

this is love.

After the summer comes fall

with all the colors of the rainbow,

this is the promise of God.

After the fall comes winter

with all the white snow covering the land,

this is peace.

After the rain comes the sun.

After the sun comes the grass

and all flowers of spring and summer.

After the day comes night.

After life comes death.

After death comes the return of Christ Jesus

and all His peacefulness and end of pain

(I dedicate this to my sister Miriam Lee Robbins-Thompson who passed away April 24th,2014 at age 46. My best friend who I loved dearly)

Being Mindful of God – Tolan Duncan


Hello Family,

Always be mindful that God is good and He is always blessing His children.

Remember, you are not your situation. As prison can’t hold me you shouldn’t let life situations hold you. We are set free in Jesus, it is already done, so walk in it!

I am glad that I belong to a family with Kingdom principals in their hearts, to know that I have members that stand on the Word and understand who God is, is a blessing for my soul. It is more than a feeling to know that God has always kept me even in my insanity. When God has a calling on your life there isn’t anything that can get in His way – you are chosen for His purpose. When we learn to stop fighting the Will of God, we will be in a better position to fight our adversary, don’t forget we have the Power!!!

I encourage you all to have the most wonderful day and to always keep God on your mind and on your tongue. You effect people with your heart even much so when you have a heart of Christ.

By Tolan Duncan