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Heart Transformation – Hunter Tokar


“Heart Transformation”

My son’s in a lot of trouble. He’s 16 and completely out of control. Arrests, convictions, incarceration, and probation have had no positive effect at all. I see my former life playing out in him and it scares me. I know that path, been down that road, got the number and the uniform.

I know there are many of us who wish we could be there for our children but because of the choices’ we have made, they suffer. My son is responsible for his own choices, I get that, but me not being there is sure not helping his situation. At this point I pray for him, listen to him, talk to him and remind him that I love him. Regardless of what he does or doesn’t do he’s my son and I love him.

There are also others in his life who genuinely care about him and in their love they try to help him. However in their frustration it often comes out in the form of yelling, cursing, hitting, and threatening. None of these things will change him. How do I know? They never changed me. They only taught me to intensify my violence and become a better manipulator.

Accountability/consequences must happen, it is necessary but it rarely changes anyone. In fact it doesn’t. it may cause the person to modify their behavior but it won’t change them. Rules, laws, threats, AA/NA, incarceration, it’s the same with all of them. They won’t change you. They may change your behavior short term but most likely you will return to your old ways.

So how does a person really change. Through heart transformation not through behavior modification. ONLY Jesus Christ and His love can produce this change of heart in a person. Christ’s love compels me to make good choices to honor Him. Paul said the same thing in 2 Cor. 5:14-15. Not my love for Him, but His love for me. Paul didn’t say it was his love for God, but God’s love for him that compelled him.

My prayer for my son is that he will realize how much Jesus Christ loves him and that he will surrender his life to Him. God’s love is what changes people. God’s love changed me. Christ’s love for me compels me to no longer live for myself but to live for Him. That’s my prayer for my son. That he will come to know God’s love just as I have. In the meantime I will continue to love him, listen to him, and pray diligently for him. Real change only happens through true surrender to Jesus Christ. It’s not a program, it’s not a class, and it’s not behavior modification. It’s heart transformation and it only comes through Jesus Christ and His love.

He lives, I serve,

Hunter Tokar


The Voice From The Hole – Derrick Saine


“The Voice From The Hole That Hollers Don’t Give Up On Us”

To the reader,

A prisoner’s cry to the outside looking in. God didn’t give up on Paul, Jonah/Daniel; a lot of people in the Bible God did not give up on.

Hello, can anyone hear me? Is anyone out there? I was put into this hole because they said I was worthless, nothing, I couldn’t change, I didn’t deserve love because I had broken all the commandments. Hello, is anyone out there? I have food, water, blankets, but no light. It’s been dark down here for many years. People come by each day and bring me food and water but there is no light. If you can hear me, please listen to me, don’t go.

Yes I admit I have made very poor decisions; done things worse than others; I am not alone. You see all those others in the holes out there, we have all done things wrong. Don’t give up on us. Yes we have done things that we can’t change but wish we could. Any illegal crime you name, but not all of us have committed the same crime. Don’t give up on us. Growth, change, maturity is possible. Wrong or right, lies to truth, hate to love, don’t give up on us. Yes, time tells the best truth about all things. Actions do speak louder than words, the lost can be found, blind to see, deaf to hearing, don’t give up on us. All are not the same, some can change, some will never change, but, don’t give up on us. Judge us as an individual not a whole because we are not all the same, don’t give up on us.

Hello, please don’t go. Listen I know you are not in our shoes and that speaks high volumes about your decision making. But, if you were and you made a change and learned from your mistakes recognizing your wrongs, never wanting to relive them, wouldn’t you want someone to give you a second chance? Hello, are you still there, please don’t give up on us.

Hello, hold on I am going to go get a ladder so you can climb out.

Thanks for your help. It’s been years since I’ve been in that hole. Thank you for your help. Who are you?

I am a man who has been watching you. I know your pain, trouble and see the change in you. The one who created you in my image. God.

Even though we are not the higher power, we are put into higher authority, we have the power to forgive, love and help others as we would want to be helped, not closing the door but keeping it opened for the changed individual.

by Derick Saine


Pursuit of Happiness – William Conner


My life is the perfect example of the Pursuit of Happiness. I was dedicated to being the best I could be, because I was raised by the best man and woman in the world. I went to church every Sunday. Carried good grades in school. Learned that hard work pays off also.

I shared a piece of my story, but I believe that I didn’t pinpoint the struggle. I became addicted to the high life. I had a misconception of being a man. I believed that as long as I was putting food on the table, and there was a roof over our heads, I was doing my job as a man. How off the mark I was. It wasn’t until I got locked up for trying to provide my way, that I realized the Lord was the only true source of Happiness. The true Provider.

In this world, we have to be very careful how we interpret the scriptures. It is very easy to make it mean what we need for them to say at that appointed time. I had a way of praying and hoping that revolved around me. I had to learn to let go of selfishness. See when I began to do things my way I slowly became confident that I was doing the right thing. Then it happened, God had enough of Bill. He removed His hand and allowed me to become a victim of my own debased mind. I got locked up and everyone that I believed loved me abandoned me. Immediate family was all I had. I quickly had to reinterpret what my life really meant. What was the Happiness I was seeking?

They say that the mind that is steadfast and stayed on Jesus, will receive the peace of the Lord. I have begun to journey in that direction, and everything has begun to turn around. I am still locked up, but I am free on the inside. It all begins on the inside, because we are spirit! I discover God’s Blessings, and Lessons, with each new breath of air, and encourage you all to keep on seeking, knocking, and asking, and see what our God can do for you.

Love and respect,

William Conner

30 Pieces – William Conner


“30 Pieces”

30 Pieces, for 39 lashes, for 33 years of passion,
In ignorance proclaimed fame for these horrific actions;
My lips invited death to life,
For each moment in disobedience I betray Christ;
Fleshful lust, lustful eyes, entangled with pride,
True identity cries, but comfort resides in my disguise;
Stigmata, the day I realize for my wrongs He died,
The Father’s pain, to restrain, and not deprive;
My bones ache, tendons cramp, and heart screams,
Spirit in shock, for I caused these things;
30 pieces, 39 lashes, for 33 years of passion,
Christ live through me, proclaiming thee everlasting.

William Conner


The Name of God – Nicholas Butler


“The Name of God”

I feel like the Spirit is moving me to talk about what is in the name of God. Being incarcerated, we Christians come into daily contact with the various other religions which sparks debates. We often times hear that God is ONE and the same with the various other particular religions which use Allah, Yahsuah, Osirius and etc. The point that I wish to make to my Christian family is that there is a significant difference in the use of these terms.

For example, the Arabic word Allah historically derives from the Ka’aba where the Arabic pagans worshipped a pantheon of gods. Allah represented the moon goddess who had three daugthers, Allat, Uzah, and Manat, they comprised the stars. Moreover, one can see this pagan mythology symbolized on the Islamic flag with the moon and stars. Therefore if we rationalize that the names are the same but just translated into different languages, we deceive ourselves and worship pagan gods.

Similar historical proofs can be verified for other names, but we know that Jesus in the Greek (Iesous), used in Matt.1:21, corresponds with the Hebrew “Shama”, being obedient, to that which He was called for, “to save his people from their sins”(Matt.1:21). Additionally, we know from Isaiah 7:14 that the Immanuel was born of a virgin, and since Immanuel means “God with us,” and Scripture clearly teaches that Jesus was born of a virgin (Matt.1:18-25), that Jesus is Immanuel-God with us manifested in the flesh (John 1:14).

Therefore, the power in the name of Jesus saves human life to life eternal, heals the sick and diseased, and has no measure or limit. Jesus is our God, proclaim Him, shout His name and watch how your life transforms.

by Nicholas Butler

My Testimony – Nicholas Butler



As a child I grew up in a dysfunctional family. I had 3 brothers and 1 sister, we had a single parent (mom) and lived on welfare. My father sold and abused drugs, he only came around to abuse my mom or punish my brother or me. My youngest brother had brain tumor cancer. This consumed a lot of my mom’s time, attention, love, and parenting abilities.

Resulting from this, I found my lacked needs on the street, in the form of a street gang. I quickly discovered that I could fulfill these lacked needs of love, and attention through the use of violence, and that violence fulfilled some needs for me that I had not realized before, respect, prestige, status and rank. The pursuit of these immaterial rewards only temporarily satiated my appetite and influenced and drove my violent tendencies.

After spending time in a juvenile facility, I was only free for 5 months before I came to prison at the age of 17. While in prison, I had a friend talking to me about this man called Jesus Christ. Initially, I was resistant to her claims of who Christ was, therefore, I attempted to disprove her through the teaching of the theory of evolution. I soon realized how foolish I looked with promoting that comical theory. Still I was resistant, so I went to the culture card, and started to embrace the gods of the Aztecs. After logically being shown the fallacy of these pagan gods, I conceded that there was more to this man Jesus, so I intensified my study of Him and the Bible and eventually became a believer.

For many years I struggled with the conflict of my belief in Jesus and my gang associations. I ended up doing 13.5 years in prison before I was paroled in 2010. After 8 months of freedom, my conflict culminated in a violent outburst where I assaulted a gang member with a knife. This assault landed me back in prison for 20 to 48 years. I felt like a complete failure because of my family and loved ones that I disappointed. This brought me to fight my case on appeal. After almost 2 years in prison the Michigan Court of Appeals granted me a new trial. In 2014 I went back to court and received a blessing, a sentence reduction of 12 years on the minimum and 32 years on the max. I completely attributed this miracle to God, and have not looked elsewhere since.

Researching my legal work and replaying in my mind what was said by everybody at my trial brought me to feel remorse and also to repentance for my asinine behavior. It also based me on a spiritual foundation where I have learned to let go of my desire to respond to situations of perceived disrespect and allow God to deliver me, which He has.

This is the testimony of a 36 year old man who has live the power of God.


by Nicholas Butler

Testimony – Terry Anglin


Well, to begin, I am blessed to able to share this message of love. The Lord has kept me and made me over.

I grew up on the rugged streets of Saginaw, Michigan. Literally on the streets. I was part of a lifestyle that people dread. I was an active gang member, and I hustled to survive. My life on my own began at the young age of 16. Not because I wasn’t loved, but because I wanted more and had my own way of doing it. I have been through the worse things that the streets had to offer, from being shot at, to sleeping in cars. When I came to prison, I really didn’t think anyone cared about me, but one day something urged me to go to church, and it was that day that the Lord spoke to me. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and have begun my journey as a Christian. It has not gotten any easier, but I am no longer alone. When I think about my past, I am grateful now, because I realize that the Lord has been there for me the entire time. I wake up some days, and think about giving up, but I am reminded about someone who died for my sins, and never gave up because He loved me so much. I am a work in progress, and I am not giving up!!!!!!!!!!!

Terry Anglin

Thanks for the opportunity!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Love of a Father – Robert Perron


“The Love of a Father”

The love of a father
Comes straight from the heart
Then reaches out to his child
And will never depart
The father nourishes his child
And raises them from birth
He sets some priorities
And gives them some worth
The same with our Father above
After being born again
God puts us under His wings
And becomes our closest friend
He nourishes us Spiritually
And shows us His way
He provides us His power
To get us through each day
So thanks to our fathers
Both earthly and divine
You have provided us with love
That is abundant and sublime


Love Yourself and Others – George K. Walker


“If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.”
Galatians 5:25

Dear Reader,

We are made in the Image and Likeness of God, fearfully and wonderfully made are we. He loves us so dearly that HE sent Jesus, HIS only Son, to die for us so that we might have eternal life. If God loves us that much then we are to love us too.

God created the heavens and the earth and everything that was made HE created but He created us in His image and likeness. He loved us more than anything He made – WE are a chosen people, a royal priesthood. We are to love ourselves like does. See ourselves through the eyes of scripture and God will change the way we walk, talk, and see ourselves and others. God tells us to love Him with all our heart, soul and mind. Then He tells us to love our neighbor as ourselves. He commands us to love ourselves. Now the question is are you going to obey God’s command today by loving yourself and others?

I love you like God does,
George Kevin Walker

The Whisperer of Love – William Conner


“The Whisperer of Love”

The heart of a man, is the part of a man,

Where truth lies, and honesty rides on the waves of each beat, love cries;

To be released, begging for a place to reside,

Deploy me to anywhere, for anywhere is better than in here, for I’m needed in their lives;

Those crying out for help, just to be held,

For through life they have been neglected, stuck in a shell;

I am that breath of fresh air, the dew on the morning rise,

The whisper of hope, the joy to damp eyes;

I am the vessel, willingly being used,

Never on a mission to abuse, but defuse;

The voice of Christ, the anointing of the Most High,

With selflessness at the center of my being, in pursuit to extend love until the day I die.

by William Conner