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It Won’t Be Long – Kenneth Altenbach


“It Won’t Be Long”
By Kenneth Altenbach
Macomb Correctional Facility, New Haven, MI

His years on earth were thirty-three
After which He did depart
But His promises of verily
Still linger in my heart

He told us in His written word
That soon He would return
Fulfilling all which we have heard
The faithful He would not spurn

He taught us that He must leave
To prepare a place for us
But He would come again to be
With those of us who trust

Now for those of you who think and feel
That Jesus is dead and gone
It’s with this message I do appeal
My friend, it won’t be long!

Countless Times – Kenneth Altenbach


“Countless Times”
By Kenneth Altenbach
Macomb Correctional Facility, New Haven, MI

Countless times He did hear
The sad and broken heart
For in His mercy He did feel
The love He must impart

Countless times upon eyes gone dim
He laid His healing hand
Even though He knew within
There’d be those who could not understand

Countless times for ears gone deaf
He restored the glory of new sound
And took from them their sorrow and grief
And freed many sinful bound

Countless times He raised the dead
And gave them back new life
Many who hungered they were fed
With food for which they did not strive

Countless times He did preach
His message from above
And with His arms He did reach
With His father’s heavenly love

Countless days He walked with them
Still some would not believe
Until that day near Jerusalem
He was nailed upon that tree!

Who Can, God Can – Kenneth Altenbach


“Who Can, God Can”
By Kenneth Altenbach
Macomb Correctional Facility, New Haven, MI

Who can take the stars
And place them in the sky
And name each and every one
In the twinkling of an eye

And who can take the planets
And hang them one by one
And lighten up the dark earth
With the radiance of the sun

And who can take the dust
That’s scattered upon the ground
And create a perfect man
That was once a useless mound

And who can heal the sick
The crippled, lame and blind
And who can give great comfort
To the troubled, tortured mind

And who commands a body
Already four days dead
And calls him forth from the grave
By the simple words He said

And who forgives our transgressions,
Iniquities and sins
And changes the very life we live
Who can, God can!

What Manner of Man – Kenneth Altenbach


“What Manner of Man”
By Kenneth Altenbach
Macomb Correctional Facility, New Haven, MI

The winds blew fierce, the waves raged high
They beat against the stern
And suddenly when they thought they’d die
His words were clear and firm

Why do you cower when I am near
O ye of little faith
With me you’ll find there is no fear
Within my saving grace

Then turning to the raging sea
He stretched His loving hand
The words He spoke caused the storm to flee
As He brought them safely to land

What manner of man is this they thought
When at last thy found their voice
Even the winds and sea obey
And the disciples did rejoice

Knowing what was in their hearts
The Master turned and said
Greater things than this you’ll do
By faith you’ll raise the dead

And when upon your weary journey
You are teaching in my power
Remember I’ll be near to thee
Throughout your darkest hour

The Master Our Light – Kenneth Altenbach


“The Master Our Light”
By Kenneth Altenbach
Macomb Correctional Facility, New Haven, MI

There was a man, Nicodemus by name
A great teacher of Jewish Law
With a troubled heart by night he came
Within Jerusalem’s walls

He sought to know what the Master meant
When He said, you must be born again
And he wanted to know by whom was He sent
To tell the people of their sins

Questions upon question raced through his mind
As he traveled along his way
He wondered, I’m sure, what he would find
In what the Master had to say

Quietly he approached the place
Where he knew the Master would be
And as he gazed, upon his gentle face
He heard words which sets our free

Marvel not that I say to you
Ye must be born again
For no amount of good deeds you do
Can take away your sins

Now it seems to me the meeting was brief
On that moon-lit night
And for his trouble he found relief
In the Master, our eternal light

Jesus the Risen Word – Kenneth Altenbach


“Jesus the Risen Word”
By Kenneth Altenbach
Macomb Correctional Facility, New Haven, MI

With pounding hearts and tear filled eyes
She started on her way
Knowing not what she would find
On that glorious day

Onward she rushed with gasping breath
Her feet they did not falter
There was no stopping along the way
Her course no one could alter

Then off in the distance she saw the tomb
The place where the Master lay
But wait, something’s wrong, out of place
Not quite the same as yesterday

With racing thoughts and trembling hands
She approached the open grave
And stooping down she peered within
With emotions gone astray

Quietly her eyes looked to the spot
Where once her Savior lay
She saw not Him but two others there
And to Mary they did say

Why search you for the living here
Have you forgotten what He said
Your king of kings, the Lord of hosts
Has risen from the dead

Go forth now and tell the brethren
All you have seen and heard
Placing full trust in your heavenly Father
Through Jesus, the risen word

Jerusalem My Jerusalem – Kenneth Altenbach


“Jerusalem My Jerusalem”
By Kenneth Altenbach
Macomb Correctional Facility, New Haven, MI

Jerusalem, My Jerusalem
Of you the prophets wrote
In saying you would turn on me
And thus my heart you broke

Jerusalem, My Jerusalem
Why did you turn astray
To worship all those other gods
Of wood and stone and clay

Jerusalem, My Jerusalem
Why wouldn’t you heed my word
When I stood within your synagogues
Teaching truths you surely heard

Jerusalem, My Jerusalem
God’s holy men you killed
You took them and you stoned them
And by so doing prophecies you filled

Jerusalem, My Jerusalem
A city heeded with scorn
It surely would have been best for you
Had you not been born

Jerusalem, My Jerusalem
Inhabited by sin
And because you would not listen
Woe unto you, Jerusalem!

What Will You Choose – Matthew Nawrocki


“What Will You Choose?”
by Matthew Nawrocki
Newberry Correctional, Newberry, MI

When everything gets quiet
And distractions fade out
All we’re left with our thoughts
Our dreams and our doubts

They’re a reality now
Although, they’ve always been there
Like the stars coming out
Once the sun disappears

And so we’re left with a choice
Whether young, whether old
To ignore all those thoughts
Or dig deep in our souls

Is someone really out there?
Is there really a God?
Can I trust Him if there is?
Will He spare me the rod?

All really great questions
And the answers are yes
He says, “Come here if you’re troubled
And I will give you rest.”

You see, He loves you so much
But you must accept His free gift
That the God of all creation
Just wants your friendship

He sent His Son to die
While you were still in your sin
While you were living for you
It didn’t matter to Him

He shed His blood on that cross
So He could cover your sin
But it won’t do a thing
If you don’t believe what He did

And by believe, I mean cling
Hold fast to this word
Believe means action
It’s not a noun, it’s a verb

For God is not mocked
We reap what we sow
So if we’re seeking to know
He will help us to grow

And this is the life
That He’s given us to live
And since He died for us
Shouldn’t we live for Him???

Give Thanks to the Lord – Kenneth Altenbach


“Give Thanks to the Lord”
By Kenneth Altenbach
Macomb Correctional Facility, New Haven, MI

Give thanks to the Lord
Without limit is His love
His mercy knows no boundaries
In the firmaments above

Give thanks to the Lord who gave the sun
To brighten up the day
He placed the moon in the sky
To guide us along the way

Give thanks to the Lord who sends the rain
To water the grass and trees
To Him who causes the flowers to grow
From the finest of seeds

Give thanks to the Lord who alone does know
The number of our hairs
The everlasting Lord of hosts
Who purifies the air

Give thanks to the Lord, king of kings
Who healed the sick and raised the dead
The miracles He performed on earth
By the simple words He said

Give thanks to the Lord, the eternal God
Who sets aside His deity
And took upon Himself our cross
And as man He died to set us free

Give thanks to the Lord who did rise
On resurrection morn
And into the heavens He did ascend
No longer to be scorned

A Journey through Life – Kenneth Altenbach


“A Journey through Life”
By Kenneth Altenbach
Macomb Correctional Facility, New Haven, MI

Born of woman, conceived in sin
O what a wretched soul within
Destined to lie, to cheat, to steal
Til we come to the Lord
Who knows how we feel

From the moment of birth
Until the time that we die
We roam the earth
Asking, why o why

Why tribulations, hardships and trials
Why does each step seem like a mile
Why do I slip, stumble and fall
Whom can I call

Who will hear when my voice grows weak
And reach out to stead my wavering feet
Who will be my eyes when the light grows dim
Questions without answers stirring within

When suddenly a voice, a sound so clear
Saying, peace be still, you know I am near
I told you I would never leave you alone
For your heartaches and sorrows
My son welcome home