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Penetrate – Terri Reese-Green


By Terri Reese-Green
Huron Valley Correctional Facility, Ypsilanti, MI

Today’s sermon will be called (Penetrate) to go through. Today we praise God for the Passover lamb that was killed and eaten in one house. None of his bones were broken. We see this scripture in Exodus 12:46.

The reason that the sermon is called Penetrate is because when Jesus was on the cross he was pierced into his side. The Word of God will pierce through all those who eat it.

Easter means Passover. The Lamb that died for the sins of the world. John 1:29. Also we can read and meditate on John 19:33, 36 and Numbers 9:12. Remember the Word must be eaten, all of it, and nothing is to be wasted and none of his bones broken.

To pierce is also of 1Tim. 6:10, of torturing one’s soul with many sorrows. We can be pierced in many ways, but Jesus would have us to eat His Word, in Hebrews 4:12 and Exodus 26:28.

Have a wonderful Passover. God bless you all in Jesus’ name.

Eat to Live – Archie Porter


“Eat to Live”
By Archie Porter
Carson City Correctional Facility, Carson City, MI

“EAT to LIVE!”

GEN. 2:15-17.. GOD set up an all-you-can-eat buffet for Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. GOD gave them a command to eat freely of every tree in the garden except the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.”

GOD commanded them to “eat” for HE knew eating was essential for life. HE gave them everything they needed, not just to live but to have eternal life. The Tree of Life was there for them to eat freely, but look what happened..

GEN. 3:22-23 tells us that after they ate from the Tree of knowledge (the forbidden fruit) GOD put them out of the garden unless they ALSO eat from the Tree of Life… wait, what?!!

They never even ate from the “Tree of Life?”
There’s a tree in the garden that gives eternal life and they never even tried it?!
To this day people are still walking past the same tree and won’t even try it.

Psalms 34:8 says”Taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the man that trusts in HIM.”

What does it mean to taste and see?
Perceive, get acquainted with, gain understanding.. ” Just taste HIM.”

1Peter says ” Like newborn babes we crave our spiritual milk so that we may grow up in our salvation, now that you have “TASTED” that the LORD is good.”

That word tasted means to experience. You’ll never experience GOD’s goodness if you don’t at least try it. As children we looked at our vegetables and said to ourselves “I don’t like it.” Then your mother would step in and ask, “how do you know, you haven’t even “TASTED IT!!”
Everyday people walk by JESUS, the Tree of Life and determine just by looking at it (or looking at us) that they probably won’t like it.

John 6:51 Jesus says “I am the living bread that came down from heaven, whoever eats this bread will live forever.” Eat to live.

Great Gift – David Kurbaba


“Great Gift”
By David Kurbaba
Macomb Correctional Facility, New Haven, MI

Brothers and Sisters,
Peace from our Lord Jesus Christ. Today marks a Great Gift from our Lord.
His love for us was proving by His death on the cross. His Great Love was given by His defeat of death in order to give us life. May you and yours accept this Gift with a child’s heart. God bless.

Six Miles Ahead – Osceola Foster


“Six Miles Ahead”
By Osceola Foster
Chippewa Correctional Facility, Kincheloe, MI

Congratulations on ushering in this new year with renewed energy, confidence and, of course, the grace of God. Thank God for your works! We acknowledge the fact that we are blessed to have you guys in our corner supporting us.

I want to share with you something from a great source. The book is called, Besides Still Waters. It’s a great inspirational daily Bible reading. This pamphlet is the March-April volume 22, issue 2. The story is apparently forwarded to them by Mr. Denver Yoder – Somerset, Ohio. It references us to read: 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 and the story is titled, Six Miles Ahead. Here we go, I am going to go word-for-word.

Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh. – Matthew 24:44
We were traveling through central Georgia on Interstate 75 when we passed a road construction sign that stated, Left Lane Closed Six Miles Ahead.” We noticed that numerous vehicles soon merged into the right lane. Many other vehicles traveled on at high speed in the left lane, until it was too late to merge properly. This caused a traffic jam that could have been avoided if every driver had done his part. The highway department goes to great lengths to properly warn motorists of dangers ahead. However, many seem to think, “as long as I am ahead of you, nothing else matters.”

This reminded me of Jesus’ words, “straight is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” (Matthew 7:14). Many seem to ignore the warning signs that Jesus gave, and they run full speed ahead in the “left lane” until it’s too late to enter Christ’s Kingdom. Their chosen lane looks open, the progress is fast, and obstacles seem few. But suddenly the lane comes to an end, and they find themselves in trouble.

On our spiritual journey, Jesus has provided an entrance into the, “right lane.” When we heed the instructions in the Scripture, we are promised that “an entrance shall be ministered unto [us] abundantly into the everlasting Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 1:11). This is a choice that each has to make. Unlike the case of the traffic jam, we cannot yield and make room for others to enter the kingdom, yet our recklessness and disregard may greatly hinder them. How well are we following the signs that God has placed for us?

We cannot travel in the left lane and expect to be “right.”

It’s been placed on my heart to share this with you. I pray that it’s able to be utilized for as many people as possible. God Bless You!