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The Hole Was Made For Repentance – George Walker


“The Hole Was Made For Repentence”
By George Walker
Macomb Correctional Facility, New Haven, MI

“But showed first unto them of Damascus, and throughout all the coasts of Judah, and then to the Gentiles, that they should repent and turn to God, and do works meant for repentance.” Acts 26:20.

My first night in the hole was spent in a daze. The fact that I was in a daze just shows how far away from God I truly was. I was looking the part but my heart was living in sin. I am sorry to all of you – the church leaders, the body, Chaplain White and the administration at Macomb. To my brothers in Christ, I was not on one accord with you all and for this I am so sorry. And to my chance for life family, please forgive me and allow me to work my way back into the family.

My next day in the hole, I woke up praying and then got up out of bed and got on my knees and prayed some more. I apologized to God and asked for forgiveness and I asked Him to reveal to me what He wants out of this situation. So I kept praying and reading His Word and on the third day an officer came to my door and said, “Well, I had to come because I didn’t believe it.” He said, “How are you doing?” I said, “I am maintaining by the grace of God.” He said, “A long time ago, it was said that the hole was made for repentance. A place to get back in alignment with God – to recalibrate yourself.” I said, “Wow, thank you and I receive that.”

He then said, “You know I expect this out of a Michigan man because a state man would not be here.” I said, “You know, you are wrong.” He said, “I had to get that in before I left. God bless.”

I immediately thanked God for answering my prayer and I started reading every scripture and story that I could find that had the word repent or repentance in it. Acts 26:20 and Matthew 3:8 stuck out to me.

First I looked up the word repentance and it said a feeling of regret, a changing of the mind or a turning from sin to God. I looked at myself and said I regret living a lie and deceiving everybody but God. I put my selfish desires before God. I have hurt and disappointed so many people that a changing of mind is what I need. I know that they only way I can have this is to turn from my sins – lying, deceiving and selfless.

How do I do this? Matthew 3:8 says “Bring forth therefore fruits meant for repentance” and at the end of Acts 20:26 Paul says “and do works meant for repentance.”

If I am truly thankful and grateful for God forgiving me, then the life He has given me a second chance to live will be lived for Him, thanking Him. My life will be lived in daily repentance, truly humble, thinking of and doing for others, being truthful about what I am going through and what I am doing and most important, obeying God. With every step, every word, every thought and every action I take, it will show how repentant I am.

“Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts. And let him return onto the Lord and He will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon.” Isaiah 55:7.

Thank you Jesus for your blood that has given me forgiveness.

Man Alive – Scott Sylvester


“Man Alive”
By Scott Sylvester
Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility, Ionia, MI

This is a poem/gospel rap from Psalm 51:5

In sin my mother conceived me
Not knowing into a sinful world she would birth me
I was soon to become a sinaholic
Or whatever you wanna call it
For so long hurts, habits and hangups had my life mixed up.
Fast life appealing to the sinful nature had me caught up.
Twenty-one years on and off in prison
Like a wild animal I was caged up.
Still feeling like I had to have it
Temptations to gratify the senses
Deceiving me, thinking I had to get it
Not knowing it was senseless.
What started out a game and race for fame
Became a deadly prison of my own making . . . and
You know it’s hard to escape it
Just take a look around – so many fake it.
Got a chance but scared to take it,
Struggling to barely make it.
Tortured by inner passions
Desires burning hot like whiplashes
Got ’em lashing out and self-medicating
With intoxications trying overcome
Fears and doubts and feelings like there’s no way out.
Yeah I know it’s a bad feeling to feel there’s no way out.
So Jesus I tell ‘em about
How Jesus saves and is the way
I try to show following Jesus brings better days
But still many ain’t trying to hear it
Pain, they try to bare it
Anger and hate they try to lie and deny it.
But we see clearly . . .
So I’m just reading the Word and listening in
Praying for the living God to set you free from those sins.
I’m meditating and thinking . . .
Thinking it’s going to sound kind of odd
To hear me talking, praising and worshipping God.
But check it out, we just live this from the streets to the prisons . . .
It’s Kingdom business.
So listen and pay attention or you might miss it
As together we’re really just praying and meditating
In the Father’s presence,
Awaiting divine revelation . . .
Spiritual stimulations got my heart racin’
Got my mind thinking in new directions.
As I meditate upon Jesus’ resurrection.
I’m motivated and believing.
I can speak and move mountains.
I can speak and flow fountains
Of living water bring new life to the dead.
Yeah, I heard what Jesus said.
We’re bringing new life to the dead.
Resurrection – born again.
Holy water cleanse away ya’ sin
Making new heaven, new earth.
We’re making new men.
Jesus’ knocking – let him in.
No more hoping, the kingdom’s open.
We’re walking on water – feels like I’m floating.
Feels like I been smokin’, but nope
It’s just Him – the most high.
As we’re meeting in secret places,
Breaking bread, exchanging places.
Different dimensions of grace.
And let me not forget to mention,
It’s an open invitation – no more waiting.
Today’s the day of salvation.
If y’er hearing His voice,
Close ya eyes, bow ya head, lift your heart
And confess those sins.
The Kingdom’s open for you, come on in.
Learn what it is to be born from above,
Covered in the blood and filled with the Father’s love,
Learn what it is to eat with the King of Kings,
Who knows you by name and knows your pain.
He’s got the master key to set you free from the game.

Zion – Terri Reese-Green


By Terri Reese-Green
Huron Valley Correctional Facility, Ypsilanti, MI

Praise the Lord. Today’s sermon will be called Zion. Scripture will come from Psalms 87:1, 78:68-69, Isaiah 28:16 and Rev. 21-10-27.

Jerusalem the Holy mountain of God, Zion and its temple here represent the future community of all believers. This Psalm looks ahead to the Holy city of God described in Rev. 21:10-27. The honor of living there will be granted to all whose names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Rev. 21:10-27 is God’s grace that forms and sustains this wonderful community.

How could anyone refuse God’s offer to be part of this celebration?
Israel is a people and God loves us all. Take down all your statues of God. No man has seen him. We think we know history. Only God knows history.

Let us pray and follow Jesus that is our calling. Look for Him, our King. He is coming.

God Is My Refuge – Trina Peake


“God Is My Refuge”
By Trina Peake
Huron Valley Correctional Facility, Ypsilanti, MI

It seems like such a fight lately to just wake up, just to pray, to even take a shower. I mean wow. I don’t want to, to be in this room, in this place.

O God You are my refuge where can I go.
I need You more right now!!!!
Whatever it is fill me with Your bliss
Holy Spirit from above
fill me with Your love
reach down from on high
with a fresh view of Your everlasting truth
compassion You are full of
may I be too
a good steward for the master’s use.

Walls – Jennifer Avery


By Jennifer Avery
Huron Valley Correctional Facility, Ypsilanti, MI

These walls I’ve built have kept me from going back to the same place I have been trapped between life inside and the life that has stored guilt, pain and some other names in which consume my space.

Many of these walls I never allow a crack of light through as I am still broken into pieces of fear and I often wondered will I ever allow these walls to break? Do I keep adding concrete and plaster to these barriers to allow the consumption of such darkness?

I have found the light and although after years of trying to understand His plan, I allow His light into the cracks of my walls. I listen and allow myself to express the darkness in a way that helps the pain disintegrate into the rubble from walls breaking down.

I haven’t simply just found Jesus, I have been consumed by Him. I have allowed Him to take place inside the walls of the pain I have seen and He understands my wanting not to leave . . . but He encourages me and builds my strength through His Word and as the walls slowly begin to fade . . . I find my breath and praise His name . . . leaving the walls within.

The Christ Life – Jose Alonzo


“The Christ Life”
By Jose Alonzo
Gus Harrison Correctional Facility, Adrian, MI

Praise the Lord everybody, my fellow Soldiers in Christ! I know it’s been a minute since I last posted something on here. But I felt it was time to put something out into the atmosphere. I’ve enjoyed seeing how much Voices For Christ has grown in their ministry (the newsletter) and what they’re doing for our communities and especially for those of us incarcerated. They’re living out their obedience to Scripture, Matthew 25.36 & Hebrews 13.3. They’ve helped to give us a voice to show the world how God has changed each one of us and how sincere we are at living “The Christ Life” from here on out. And I thank them for that. I’ve enjoyed reading all the entries that come in and surprisingly by some I know but haven’t seen in a while due to transfers. Good to know that you are still holding true to the faith!

You know, faith and obedience to God’s Word is what this Christ Life is all about. Blessings come with obedience. In what ways? Don’t know, that’s for God to determine. But you can always count that it will be good! I don’t have a sermon to preach or an exegetical to lay out, just a word of sorts directly from Scripture, one of my favorite Life Scripts:

Joshua 1.7-8,
“Be strong and very courageous. Be careful to obey all the law my servant Moses gave you; do not turn from it to the right or to the left, that you may be successful wherever you go. Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.”

So you see, our faith and obedience to God’s Word will be blessed. And it’s not always material or financial in how these blessings may come. God knows what we need and where we need it most, and that’s where the blessing may be. Could be a little more spiritual maturity, a change in attitude, more boldness and courage to contend for the faith and share the Gospel, a bondage of sin finally broken away from our life, who knows? The point is, God loves us and we can rest assured that as children of the Most High and Living God, we can attain what He has promised, if we obey and keep all His commandments. Not some of them, but all.

God Bless you all.