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Humbly, Bold, Honoring God – George Walker


“Humbly, Bold, Honoring God”
By George Walker
Muskegon Correctional Facility, Muskegon, MI

This is my first sermon. It was done at Muskegon Correctional Facility on Mother’s Day, May 13, 2018, in The Ministers in Training class. This class is taught by Sister Sue who is with Faith Christian Fellowship International (FCFI). Sister Sue is a Holy Spirit led Minister that rightly divides the Word of God. In this class we study the Word and talk about it and it is an ongoing class that has no beginning or ending date. April 08, 2018 was my first day in the class. She instructed us that everyone will do a 20 minute sermon on Humility, Pride and Honoring God. I watched my brothers speak what God gave them and I prayed and God gave me a Word and here it is.

When you think of being humble what words come to mind?

Peace, Serve, Kind, Gentle, and Unselfish.

I asked this question because while studying Genesis 22:1-13, two words came to me: humble and bold. I noticed no one said bold. I looked up the definition for these words. For the word humble I wrote it down from one of the brothers who did his 20 minute sermon and he said: personal quality in which an individual shows dependence on God and respect for other persons. For the word bold it said: courageous manner of those who preach the gospel. This is what stuck out to me in these definitions: “dependence on God in a courageous manner.” In the text this is exactly what Abraham did.

Read Genesis 22:1-13

In verses 1 and 2, God told Abraham to take his only son whom thou lovest and offer him for a burnt offering. This has got to be difficult. Can you imagine what was going through Abraham’s mind at this time? I know myself and I would have been trying to think of a way to not sacrifice my only daughter or any of my children. I would be prideful and try to do things my way. Abraham was not prideful, he was obedient.

In verses 3 and 4, Abraham is obeying God even though it has to hurt, he is thinking of God even in the midst of his pain. Abraham’s humbled obedience is what God wants. Our Father wants us to trust Him more than anything, He wants us to be moved by His Word, not to think but to move even though we don’t know why we are doing it or where we are going – just obey. Our Father wants us to be totally submitted and committed to Him.

In verse 5, Abraham has come to the conclusion that he is going to sacrifice his only son Isaac and God is going to give him back to him. Humbled and hurt, Abraham knew that obeying God would be honoring God and that in that honor comes a blessing. Abraham probably didn’t know how but he knew that Isaac would come back to him. Honoring God is not always going to be easy and is not always going to be something that we want to do, but we have to do it anyway. When we are in pain we want relief immediately so we will do what helps us get out of pain. Abraham didn’t, he believed God. His faith was in God’s Word and not in how he felt.

In verses 6, 7 and 8, Abraham spoke his faith. He believed that God would provide a lamb for a burnt offering. He walked humbly in faith that God would provide. No matter what it looked like, Abraham still believed that God would provide a way. He didn’t know how but he knew God would make a way.
How many of us today are standing on God’s Word and facing a life sentence, a bad diagnosis from the doctor, or financial difficulty. I urge you my brothers and sisters to use your bodies as a living sacrifice holy and pleasing unto God. Walk out your faith in God’s Word knowing that He will provide. His plan cannot fail!

Seventh Heaven – Matthew Nawrocki


“Seventh Heaven”
By Matthew Nawrocki
Newberry Correctional Facility, Newberry, MI

The number 7 in the scriptures represents completeness, wholeness, and perfection. It is a number we find flooded in the Scriptures and used as a type and shadow to represent spiritual truths. In today’s society we see the number in casinos and on lotto tickets; getting three 7’s is lucky, right? It’s the jackpot!

Well, this number for me has a meaning, too. I was sentenced to just over 7 years in prison and I’ve always felt like it was a bit symbolic once I started to see God at work in my life. In Scripture, every 7th day is a Sabbath day; every 7th year is a Sabbath year; and after 7 Sabbath years there is a jubilee year (See: Leviticus 25:1-12). It was a time of rest, a time set apart as holy, a time to proclaim freedom throughout the land for all who live there (Leviticus 25:4,10).

As I woke up this morning, 7 years from the day I gave up my physical freedom, I was reminded of the spiritual freedom that God has given me through Jesus. I was reminded of the fact that I am a “new creation in Christ” (2 Corinthians 5:17) and that my spirit has been made perfect in Him. I was also reminded of an interesting fact I saw a few months back in one of the classrooms here at the facility I’m currently housed at. It said something to the effect of how every 7 years your body has completely renewed itself, no cell remains that was there 7 years prior. I can officially say that today, I lost the last of those cells in my body that were a part of me 7 years ago. I am a completely changed man! Talk about feeling brand new!!!

When I think of the man who was sentenced 7 years ago, I pray that God gets every ounce of glory for the work He has done in and through my life. I don’t want a shred of it because I know how weak I am when left to my own. I literally feel new. Physically speaking, I may feel a few aches that I didn’t 7 years ago, but I truly know that I am new on every level. I am full of vision and godly desires and godly purpose that didn’t exist years ago. My mind works differently, I’m smarter, more wise, more aware and sensitive to what is really going on in life and I thank God that He cares enough about me to clean me up and make me new. He took those dry bones and made them alive again (see: Ezekiel 37:1-14).

I trust and believe that God has perfected and made me whole during these 7 years and that he has freed me from a life of bondage to a life that is free and fulfilling in Him. Now I honor Him by living free and not going back to the old way (see Galatians 5:1). I pray that you will be able to look back on the last 7 years and feel the same about your life: mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. If you feel like you’ve stopped somewhere along the path just know that it’s never too late.

“What He’s done for me
He will do for you
So if He can change me
Then He can change you too
So surrender all
Let Him in
Don’t trust me
. . . Trust Him”

Purpose – Raymond Carr


By Raymond Carr
Lakeland Correctional Facility, Coldwater, MI

Purposed, into this world, on purpose, for a purpose. And determined to strive towards the desired goal, with a willful and deliberate intent, with favorable results, on purpose.

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. There are many plans in a man’s heart. Nevertheless, it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.

Now, it is God who has made us for this very purpose and has given us the Spirit as a deposit, a guarantee for what is to come.

So is His word that goes out from His mouth: It will not return to Him void, but will accomplish what He desires and achieves the purpose, for a purpose, and on purpose we are.

You see, love has been purposed in us, so we would love one another on purpose. For God has put love in our hearts to fulfill His purpose, to be of one mind, according to His purpose, on purpose.

Romans 8: 28 & Proverbs 19
Ecclesiastes 3:1 & Revelation 17:17
Ephesians 3:11 & Isaiah 55:11
II Corinthians 5:5