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Why Me? – Walter Bass


“Why Me?”
By Walter Bass
Muskegon Correctional Facility, Muskegon, MI

Do you ever feel that you are being upstaged by choices and decisions that you have made or maybe that the bad in your life is outweighing the good?

In my new life with Christ, I can’t seem to shake the old life. No one can truly accept the new me when they remember all I did as the old me. It also doesn’t help when I stumble and use language that is unbecoming for a man of God.

The other day I found myself upset with God and angrily asked God, “Why me? Why am I like this?”

After calming down, a peace fell over me and I laid on my bed and God began to speak to me. Guided by the Holy Spirit, I picked my Bible up and God said to me. “Before I created the heavens and earth I created you. I knitted you together while you were in your mother’s womb. Every step that you have ever taken in your life was ordained by me, even the bad ones. I knew every decision and choice that you have made and will make. You didn’t make you, I made you. Stop worrying and questioning who you are and instead see who I am! I chose you because of your weakness, because of your foolishness. I sent my son Jesus not to save the righteous, or the strong ones, or the highly intellectual. He came because I chose you. You are just the way that I wanted you to be. My glory will be shown to you and through you because you have accepted my son as your Lord and Savior. I have given you the gift of salvation simply because I love you. I now want you to grow up in that salvation. I know what and who you want to be in your life but I am going to give you what and who you need in your life. Continue to seek me and all those things will be added to you.”

After God was finished I closed my Bible and drifted off to sleep. When I woke up I felt renewed and I knew “Why Me?”. I had some work to do.