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Jesus Gives Me Light – Valroy Smith


“Jesus Gives Me Light”
By Valroy Smith
Carson City Correctional Facility, Carson City, Michigan

When the darkness I am stolen from and not sold,
The light goes out without you.
When the fire goes cold, I don’t know what to do.
When I alone, I’m confused and lost.
When I’m mistreating others and stoned, I’ve walked away from the true boss.
But when I’m in you, the fire shines bright in me.
I know what to do, for the path is easy for me to see.
You allow me to be alive, he comforts me & keeps me warm.
You save me & allow me not to die, I’m thankful to have been born.
Jesus gives me the light,
which keeps my spirit bright
I talk to him every day.
When I’m awake & when I pray.
God guides me to the promise land.
God is what gets me to stand.
I don’t ever want to ask you why.
Why do you let me steal or lie?
The real question is how can you love me for me
& the answer is because I have your breath of live in me.
To my creature of all
just wanted to thank you for all.

The Cliff’s Edge – Timothy Hunter Rich


“The Cliff’s Edge”
By Timothy Hunter Rich
Oaks Correctional Facility, Manistee, Michigan

In my childhood evil was around every corner. Wrongness was done before me daily; parents off getting high too busy to attend to their kids, no friends no positive influences, and because of that neglect and no good role models I became a product of my environment I was brought up around.

I lacked basic morals and I didn’t stand up for anything. My word was hollow like the broken promises my dad would make. I had no beliefs. I knew survival of the fittest, kill or be killed. I stole and robbed people. I would lie and manipulate people. I drank, smoked weed and took pills to numb my emotions and to fit in with the people surrounding me. I swore. Every other word that left my mouth was vulgar. My soul was stained and I would have paid the ultimate price too. My actions my sins and behaviors were all bad.

During the course of my life I have done others as well as myself great harm. I constantly was in a state of rebellion. I barely cared for myself much less others. I was so angry and full of hate towards everyone. I was lost. For about 18 years of my life I lived this way. I know what’s been missing. Now I see what’s wrong. I am at an agreement with myself now to live a righteous life doing right, eating right, making God-centered choices.

My soul is Christ’s now. I’m patient and at peace now that I found the light. Acknowledge you’re in the wrong and jump off that cliff’s edge in faith.

Blessings – Keith Rappuhn


By Keith Rappuhn
Macomb Correctional Facility, New Haven, Michigan

I would like to give a shout out to my Christian brothers and sisters. I hope these troubling, uncertain times have brought you closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, just as it has for me. I have more time to not only read the Word but study the word. That, along with prayers and support from special friends such as Kyle, Ralph, and Pam, has been my strength and encouragement.

Even though these are scary, unprecedented times, I know God’s got this! And, as we all know, if He is with us who can be against us? There is no better company to be in, no greater joy than God! And, if I have any fears, dying isn’t one of them. For that is when I will truly begin to live, in the kingdom of heaven!

I continue to pray for all of you, especially Sally, as we go through this journey together in the spirit of Jesus Christ, our comfort and guidance.

Be safe, and God bless all of you…

Give Your Best to Jesus – Tolan Duncan


“Give Your Best to Jesus”
By Tolan Duncan
Macomb Correctional Facility, New Haven, Michigan

God is so good and I’m thankful that He has called me out of darkness and into His light. I’ve been studying on Mary when she anointed Jesus head and feet with the oil that she had. Some of the disciples thought that it was a waste and that she could have sold it and gave it to the poor.

Back then this type of oil or spices were used to cover up the smell of the dead so to use it on the living would be a waste to many. She was willing to give her best to Jesus no matter how expensive it was, this showed her love for Jesus. Nothing is a wasted when it comes to our Lord and Savior.

When it comes to Jesus receiving and tell the others to leave her alone and that they will always have the poor with them, I come to understand that Jesus was always speaking about His death and resurrection and the case of Mary using her oil on Him, he knew what it was used for.

I pray that I will one day be so willing to give Jesus my very best and not consider it to be a waste to hold it back for some other use. I wanted to share this revelation with you and I am still meditating on it. God is always revealing Himself to us, we have and need the eyes and ears to see and hear Him.

God Bless You

The Battle Belongs to the Lord – Amy Black


“The Battle Belongs to the Lord”
By Amy Black
Carson City Correctional Facility, Carson City, Michigan

My friends,

I wanted to share this testimony with you.

So last night I was watching a preacher on TV preaching so good on how people are going to have “haters.” And you know how the story goes … the enemy comes at you the hardest when you’re either closer to God, growing closer, rooted, have any kind of strength in Christ, or are getting ready to be positioned for another level of breakthrough.

He kept saying, “I don’t know who I’m preaching to …” and I kept saying, “It’s me, preacher, it’s me! You just can’t see me.”

I wish you could have seen it because it’s like I’ve been relentlessly attacked (unsuccessfully, of course. In the name and under the holy blood of Jesus Christ!) for every good thing I even attempt to do for anyone else under any circumstances. I’m not getting into all I’ve done because I’m not trying to toot my own horn here. But I am saying this to blow a symphony of horns for Jesus.

I keep listening to my gospel music and praising him despite it all and this morning when I woke up as soon as my feet (barely) hit the floor the enemy was at it again. Only this time, after that message I had heard the night before, it was crystal clear and all I could do was laugh hysterically! And I just saw the battle for what it was! Not mine but the Lord’s!

Amen? Amen!

Praise God and thank God!!!!

My Talk With Sin – Michael Rasmussen


“My Talk With Sin”
By Michael Rasmussen
Kinross Correctional Facility, Kincheloe, MI

I had a talk with sin the other day, like I used to years ago, back when sin use to have a name and it only had a name because I didn’t know what it was. Sin, back then, gave me everything I thought that I wanted – money, which I stole (that was greed), sex with women, whom I didn’t love (that was lust), what my friends had, I had to have (that was envy), I loved what I was doing (that was pride), ate as much as I wanted and then some (that was gluttony), never had to work for any of it (that was sloth), and I was ready to fight for it all (that was wrath).

This time around, sin wanted to offer me power, strength and courage. I told sin that I didn’t need him or what he was trying to offer me. He asked why and I replied, “My power is from God, my strength is from Christ, and my courage is from the Holy Spirit!”

Sin said, “But what about our past?” I said to him, “Look sin, that was the old me. Now, I tithe my money and my time, I love one woman and only have eyes for her, I’m content with what I have and I count it a blessing for anything extra that I receive, I’m humble in all the things that I do and have done in the name of Jesus, I fast and I’m thankful for what’s available to eat, I’ve worked for everything that I have and cheerful for what I’ve given away, God fights my battles and I thank Him for everything!”

Sin retreated, defeated, and never to be heard from again. Remember how I said that sin had a name? Well, I was told that there’s power in a name, especially in the name of Jesus! Amen and God bless!

Endless Hope – Timothy Rich


“Endless Hope”
By Timothy Rich
Oaks Correctional Facility, Manistee, MI

A small tidbit here about me is my favorite book and verse in the Bible – Jeremiah 2:22. I’ve just reread it and 1:8 and 1:19 stuck with me. (1:8) “Do not be afraid of them. For I am with you to deliver you,” declares the Lord, and the second (1:19) And they will fight against you, but they will not overcome you, for I am with you to deliver you,’ declares the Lord.

These two verses are beautiful and remind me of the unconditional love God gives freely to those who believe and how no matter what, He is there with me and sees and knows all things. He won’t over burden me and if things become too much, He is there to rescue me.

I don’t know why, but I felt I should share that since it just brings me endless hope. Thanks again for everything.

This Is His Story – Michael Rasmussen


“This Is His Story”
By Michael Rasmussen
Kinross Correctional Facility, Kincheloe, MI

“And even when the devil tried to deceive, God sent His only Son so we could believe!”
By God’s good grace, I’ll no longer hide my face
And by God’s free will, I’ll no longer stand still
By His guiding light, I was able to see
And by His tender mercy, I was set free
With His loving kindness, He made me understand
Showed me the path of righteousness, with His right hand
Now by His word, I pray to be heard
Cause by God’s glory, I’ll tell His story

(Verse 1)
It doesn’t even matter how deep is the pit
Cause you can cry, you can pray, or even just sit
But once you’ve hit bottom and have no place to go
Put your faith in God and let the Holy Spirit show
You the way out from all your evil ways and sin
By believing in Jesus and letting His love in to chorus

(Verse 2)
Even when everything seems to be falling apart
You’re just letting sin in to take over your heart
By taking drugs, having sex and drinking alcohol too
And doing everything the devil wants you to do
When all you got to do is pray and repent
And accept God’s mercy cause it is Heaven sent
And don’t ever think that you’ve been forgotten
Cause God sent His Son, His only Begotten *to chorus *

(Verse 3)
So if you want your soul to be set free
And live in Heaven for an eternity
Then believe in Jesus, the God-man who died
Who showed us His love by being crucified
He gave us His all to be free from sin
And three days later, He arose again
Now He sits in Heaven to the right of His Dad
Watching all of us children, both the good and the bad
And if you want to know more, then go read His word
It’s called The Holy Bible, in case you haven’t heard

Thank You Lord – Michael Rasmussen


“Thank You Lord”
By Michael Rasmussen
Kinross Correctional Facility, Kincheloe, MI

(Verse 1)
I’m thankful for, three meals a day
The clothes I have, a place to stay
Running water, a hot shower
And I wouldn’t change a thing
I’m thankful for, a place to sleep
A locker for, the things I keep
The coat I wear, a plastic chair
And I wouldn’t change a thing

And that is why I sing
Thank you Lord
Thank you Lord
Thank you Lord
Thank you Lord
And I wouldn’t change a thing
And that is why I sing thank you Lord

(Verse 2)
I’m thankful for, a friendly smile
My brothers here, who’ll walk a mile
A warm handshake, some chow hall cake
And I wouldn’t change a thing
I’m thankful for, our fellowship
Our services, praise and worship
The Word I hear, our volunteer
And I wouldn’t change a thing (Chorus)

(Verse 3)
I’m thankful for, what God has done
By sending us, His only Son
Lord Jesus Christ, His sacrifice
And I wouldn’t change a thing
I’m thankful for, the Holy Ghost
For His guidance, we need the most
A God of love, heaven above
And I wouldn’t change a thing (Chorus)

Show Me – Michael Rasmussen


“Show Me”
By Michael Rasmussen
Kinross Correctional Facility, Kincheloe, MI

(Verse 1)
Have you ever felt like / that you have lost it all?
Does it ever seem like / you’ve ran into a wall?
Have you ever wanted / all the nightmares to end?
Well, let me tell you, brother / that you have a friend!
All you got to do is pray / Ask God to show you the way!

Show me Your glory / Show me Your light
Show it to me / on this dark night
Show me Your peace / Show me Your grace
Show it to me / in this dark place
Show me Your love / Show me Your power
Show it to me / at this dark hour
Show me Your strength / Show me Your mercy
Show it all to them / by going through me

(Verse 2)
Have you ever felt like / the walls are closing in?
Does it ever seem like / that you can’t ever win?
Have you ever wanted / to just stop all the hate?
Well, let me tell you, brother / you don’t have to wait!
All you got to do is pray / Ask God to show you the way! to chorus

Once you’ve accepted Christ into your life
And have Him sit on the throne of your heart
Everything that once was dark, now is light
And let me tell you that it’s just a start!

(Verse 3)
Have you ever felt like / Christ is walking with you?
Does it ever seem like / that He always comes through?
Have you ever wanted / for Him to be right there?
Well, let me tell you, brother / He’s already here!
You just had to pray / He’ll show you the way! to chorus x2