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“I Was Wrong”

“I was wrong.” Those are tough words to say, but take it from me the more opportunity you get to say them the easier it gets. I recently uttered those words in reference to an area of important but non-foundational doctrine that I was sure I was 100% right on. For almost 10 years I stood solid and was able to present scripture to prove my point. And anyone who thought differently, through a different interpretation, was obviously confused and God would eventually reveal their foolishness to them. Over the last several months God has made it clear that I was wrong.

I was so concerned about my new found belief that I wasn’t looking forward to sharing it with my wife. Why? Well, a couple of reasons. #1 I didn’t want to admit I had been wrong. #2 She shared the exact same view I originally did and was as steadfast in that belief as I had been. However, on a visit God presented the opportunity and I brought it up and she just looked at me, eyes wide open. I thought, “O Boy, here we go, in her mind she just lumped me in with the crazies.” But, to my amazement she told me that recently God had been using different resources and scripture to reveal the exact same thing to her. Unbeknownst to each of us God had been doing the exact same work in both of us at the same time but separately. So when we came together at that moment and started to share what we’d been learning, it matched perfectly. Now you can try to convince me that that wasn’t all orchestrated by God, but you will not succeed. It was one of the biggest moments of my Christian life. I know that He did it that way because we both had such a STRONG belief in the area and we were in agreement.

Now I know by now your like, “What is it, what is the area?” Well, I’m not going to tell you. Why? Because that’s not the purpose of this article. After all Paul didn’t tell us what his thorn was and that’s worked out pretty well. The purpose of this article is not to convince you of what I believe, but to encourage you not to be so blinded by what you’ve always been taught that you miss what God is trying to reveal to you.

My wife and I now realize that the belief we previously shared was holding us back from enjoying and receiving all that God has to offer us.

Be ready to say, “I was wrong” and don’t get so stuck that even God can’t reveal truth to you.

He lives, I serve,
Hunter Tokar

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