Living God’s Way, Day By Day – Todd Enders


“Living God’s Way, Day By Day”
By Todd Enders
Oaks Correctional Facility, Manistee, MI

  1. Keep your word. Be Honest.
  2. Be a person of excellence. Follow the Golden Rule. Do
    unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  3. Be careful about judging.
  4. Be quick to forgive.
  5. Don’t let the sun go down on your anger.
  6. Be the first one to say sorry.
  7. Just agree not to fight, or just be quiet.
  8. Believe the best, not the worst in people.
  9. Make every day the happiest, no matter the situation.
  10. Every day tell yourself you’re going to be at peace, joy, and smile and laugh as much as your heart can take. When you’re getting down, tell yourself God wants you to laugh and smile to enjoy life.
  11. Pray for strength.
  12. Pray for courage.
  13. You are blessed, don’t forget it.
  14. I am a person of discipline and self-control.
  15. I love God and know there will or might be a time between when you ask God for something. Have patience. I am a believer.
  16. Plus he might just show you what to do.
  17. Replace negative talk with talk from God.
  18. Care for others and help them when possible.
  19. God says you’re very important.
  20. Pray for peace and for everyone you know or don’t know.

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