The Storm – Gabriel McCullum


“The Storm”
By Gabriel McCullum
Parnall Correctional Facility, Jackson, MI

Hello saints of God. This is my first time writing and as embarrassing as it is, it’s also just as much of a great and blessed opportunity. I’m currently incarcerated within the Michigan DOC. It’s bad because I feel I was railroaded by our criminal justice system and for safe-keeping and out of fear, I took a plea deal.

It’s great because I’m learning how to trust God even more, something I didn’t know how to do quite well prior to coming to prison for the first time. In addition to that, I noticed that when the disciples were at sea and a storm had occurred, if you thought the storm occurring was bad, the next part of the text states, the water of the storm had started filling in the boat.

Thought of the day: What do you do, not only when a storm occurs, but when the storm starts getting inside of you? I have really learned that the Bible must come alive in us; be living examples; you know – testimony.

It’s important that we learn through experience to be effective and efficient for God’s kingdom and work. Therefore, i have really begun to not only call on the name of the Lord even more, but, since I have been incarcerated for two years now, Romans 8:28 has become very important to me, my healing, my deliverance, my trust and dependency in and with God.

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