Voices for Christ only accepts and publishes works received from individuals currently behind the narrow windows of prison. Works may be submitted by mail or through Jpay.

All submissions must include the full name and identification number of the author. Individuals not wanting their name to appear on the website are asked to indicate so upon submission, otherwise this information will be listed for any works that are approved for publication. Completed consent to publish must be submitted before any works can be published. Consent forms will be kept on file in order to save on postage for those wishing to submit additional works.

Voices for Christ also requests all submissions include a title and that the author indicate which of the following categories they would like their work to appear in (although Voices for Christ reserves the right to make the final determination of category).

  • Encouragement
  • Lessons
  • Hymns/Poems
  • Testimonies

Before inclusion on the website, all works will be reviewed to ensure they meet a minimum biblical standard. Voices for Christ reserves the right to reject submitted materials following committee review and also reserves the right to edit any submissions for typographical errors. The anticipated time for works to be approved and uploaded to the website is 4-6 weeks.

In addition to maintaining biblical accuracy, Voices for Christ has established the following criteria:

  • Must be less than 5,000 characters including spaces
  • Must promote Jesus Christ, not a religion or denomination
  • Must not contain any offensive language
  • Must not be divisive or argumentative
  • Must be original material (plagiarism is not acceptable)

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