Greetings and welcome to the Voices for Christ Ministry. Voices for Christ from Behind the Narrow Windows came about as a result of a conversation between Christian friends regarding prison ministry. Ideas were thrown around and out came an unusual way to expand the existing prison ministry of Message of Hope. Typically, prison ministries focus on bringing the Word of God and its blessings to men and women who are incarcerated. But anyone who has ever participated in prison ministries has witnessed the incredible change in spiritual growth in those who listen and apply the Word of God. They have a real love for God and a desire to share that love and knowledge with others.

Voices for Christ desires to be the avenue by which love, encouragement and testimonies of God’s blessings can reach out from behind the narrow windows and fulfill the great commission.

To that end, Voices for Christ from Behind the Narrow Windows was formed. We ask that you help us spread the word about this site and its mission. If you know someone who is incarcerated, who is Christ-centered and looking for an avenue to spread the word of God to his/her fellow man-please point them to this ministry.

We are all God’s children. We are broken and in need of help. Brothers and sisters in Christ lean upon each other for strength and encouragement. Our love for Christ propels us to share our lives so that we may benefit from each other’s experiences and knowledge. When we rely on Christ as our Savior- we find hope, comfort and freedom.

In Christ

Voices for Christ

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